About us

MAS-HOTGAME™ company, located in the North of Brittany, France, was created in the 1980's.

In the world of "fruits and vegetables", HOTGAME, introduced new concepts, creating and developing the range of baby vegetables and gathering other "original products" like, fine salads, edible flowers, edible seaweeds, ancient vegetables (disappeared from our food habits), edible mushrooms, wild plants, wasabi roots, etc…

To achieve this goal, HOTGAME is surrounded by a team of market gardeners mainly organized within a cooperative group called "L’Armorique Maraîchère".

HOTGAME markets its original products under the following brand marks : HOTGAME™ and Les Farfadets™ at a regional, national and international scale, among restaurants and the most famous caterers and specialized companies supplying them.