Baby vegetable

Inventor of the concept of baby vegetables in the beginning of the 1980's, HOTGAME™ goes on year after year completing its range of products.

Neither a fancy of nature, nor an apprentice wizards results, baby vegetables are grown from precise agronomic processes.

The first method used is a selection of the traditional or ancient varieties which possess a reduced size to its ideal development stage, e.g. case of baby courgettes.

A second method consists of growing cultures on high density of crop and using early varieties, harvested slightly before maturity.

Techniques approaching the bonsai culture can also be used in certain cases.

These means of production and harvesting explain why baby vegetables are very tender, fresh and tasty and don't need a lot of time to cook.


Mini-artichaut-P1 Mini-carotte-P1 Mini-navet-long-P1 Mini-bettrave-rouge-P1
Artichoke Baby carrot Baby long turnip Red beetroot
Mini choux-blanc Mini choux-jaune Mini choux-chioggia Mini-choux-blanc-P1
White beetroot Yellow beetroot Chioggia beetroot White cabbage
Mini-choux-fleures-P1 Mini-choux-rouge-P1 Mini-choux-P1 Mini-courgette-P1
Cauliflower Red cabbage Savoy cabbage Baby courgette
Mini-fenouil-P1 Mini-endivet-P1 Mini-navet-P1 Mini-poireau-P1
Baby Fennel Baby chicory Baby round turnip Baby leek