Edible mushrooms

The edible mushrooms are composed of two great product families: wild mushrooms and cultivated mushrooms.

Our production is focused on this latest family: their cycle and culture conditions are controlled. Mushrooms are available all year round and deserve to be known and recognized to be appreciated by the consumer.




Description: Pleurotus is an oyster shaped mushroom with a white flesh and a white or grey cap.

Directions: Tasty and firm, this mushroom needs to be well cooked and can be savoured pan fried as an accompaniment of meat or fish.


Shiitake mushroom

Description: Shiitake mushroom comes from the Far East. It is very consumed in China and in Japan. It used to be mainly known under its dried form, known as "black mushroom".

Directions: Rich in dry matter, it remains firm during the cooking and doesn’t reduce too much. It is a good accompaniment for games. It is also very appreciated in a fricassée way or even cooked in the barbecue.