Baby Beetroot


Red beetroot

It is the most famous beetroot and one of the first of our products. Of course, it is to be cooked separately from other baby vegetables because of the red colour it gives during the cooking. It must be blanched a bit longer than baby carrots or baby turnips. Baby beetroot leaves can also be cooked.


White beetroot and yellow beetroot

These different sorts  of beetroot were found among collector gardeners and their seed is today multiplied by rare small seed producers.
These beetroots are to be prepared just like their well known sister. They offer an additional originality to dishes.


Chioggia beetroot

New one in our range, this beetroot comes from Chioggia, an Italian coastline town, situated on a small island, at the south entrance of the Venice lagoon, in the Pô plain.
When its round root is cut, it unveils superb coloured rings alternating from white to bright pink. After cooking, the flesh turns entirely pale pink – this is why the raw vegetable is preferred. With an early maturation and a more delicate taste, it needs less cooking time than most of others varieties.