Ancient tomatoes




We offer a large range of ancient tomatoes varieties,  each of them having a unique and incomparable taste, texture, colour and shape.



Their shapes are not always regular and their conservation is limited as they have not been subjected to modern breeding processes that have made the majority of nowadays tomatoes a very distant product compared to the ones formerly consumed.

noire-de-crimee  green-zebra  yellow-perfect
Black of Crimea
Green Zebra Yellow Perfect
 rose-de-berne  Ananas  coeur-de-boeuf
Bern pink
Pineapple tomato
Beef heart tomato
Andes horned



Yellow Turnip

navets jaunes site2

Description : Easily recognized thanks to its golden colour, yellow turnip is a very ancient variety. Its tender flesh, very fine and slightly sweet goes well with the winter recipes.



Purple potato


Description:  This is a purple and white flesh potato with a black-purple skin.  It is also called "China truffle" and is said to be originated from Peru.

With a floury and perfumed flesh, its taste is similar to chestnut.

Directions: Its colour resists to the cooking. This allows several types of preparations : as crisps, mashed potatoes, chips, steamed or in a salad.



Description: Very popular in Great-Britain, parsnip has been widely cultivated in France as well, but was dethroned by carrot.

Directions: This white root is to be prepared like carrot, turnip or salsify.

Root parsley


Description: The big root parsley is part of the umbellifer family and comes from the South of Europe.
Only the root is consumed, its abundant leaves being not much perfumed.

Directions: it can be cooked whole, stewed, in thin slices in a casserole then cooked in duck fat, fried or in fritter.

Its taste is similar to the taste of turnip.